Vet visits

The veterinary clinic is an important place for your dog’s health, but just like many people dread going to the doctor, the clinic can be a major source of anxiety for our pups. For some, the anxiety can start with the car ride, and continue even after the vet visit is long over. Many owners have reported that they’ve stopped taking their dog to the vet unless it is a real emergency because of the stress it causes to their beloved fur-baby. We’ve seen tremendous success with ThunderShirt helping to reduce anxiety caused by a vet visit in the USA. Many dog owners have reported that their dog seems much more at ease when wearing their ThunderShirt. Vet visits don’t have to be something you and your dog fear – our top tips will help you plan for a comfortable visit.

Top 5 Tips

1. Build up positive experiences

  • Pop into the veterinary clinic beforehand, so your pup can get used to the clinic sights, sounds, smells and people when nothing bad happens. Most clinics will also have treats on hand to greet your dog!
  • Building up a bank of positive experiences at the veterinary clinic reduces the severity of a negative visit, so take your dog with you when you go in to pick up preventative healthcare products and food too.

2. Training at home

  • Get your pup used to being handled so this is not such a strange experience when they are examined at the clinic. This includes their paws, ears, inspecting their teeth and skin.
  • Reward your dog when they remain calm when you approach each area and build up to touching, holding and moving different parts of their body. Start with areas you know they are happy for you to touch already, such as their chest.

3. Put a Calming ThunderShirt on your dog

  • ThunderShirt is a calming jacket that helping them to feel calm during their visit to the veterinary clinic by applying a gentle constant pressure around your dog’s torso.
  • Simply put the ThunderShirt on your pet at home before heading out to the vet, and venture on to your appointment.
  • ThunderShirt’s patented design provides a calming effect by applinges a gentle, constant pressure and helps provide a calming effect on your dog.
  • 1,000,000+ dogs have already been helped – yours could be too for their next healthcare appointment!

4. Get set for success

  • Try to be upbeat as you speak to your dog, remain relaxed and don’t make a big deal about the trip (even though you might be worried yourself).
  • If the waiting room is busy or your dog finds waiting there difficult, let the clinic know where you’ll be waiting outside.
  • Bring something familiar from home to comfort your dog. This could be a blanket, toy and, of course, treats!

5. ThunderShirt can be used with ADAPTIL for an even calmer dog!

  • Many veterinary clinics have ADAPTIL Calm Home diffusers plugged in to provide a reassuring message to any dog coming into the clinic.
  • You can also use ADAPTIL as an added support:
    • ADAPTIL Transport spray can be applied to your. ThunderShirt (15 minutes before you put the jacket on your dog).
    • ADAPTIL Collar can also help your dog stay calm and better adapt.