How to Calm Your Dog During Loud Noises

The consistent bangs and bright, flashing lights of fireworks are stressful for many dogs. Storms bring unpredictable claps of thunder and dogs may start to worry before we realise a storm is on the way. Nothing is worse than seeing your sweet fur-baby pace, pant and shake during these loud noises. Here are a few tips that can help to calm your dog when they experience loud noises. Ready to turn terror into tranquility, and nervousness into a nap? Join millions of other families who are experiencing a whole new calm.

Top 5 Tips

1. Create a calm room / space

  • Create a safe space in your home where your dog likes to spend time. Make it comfy with a bed and their favourite things. You can make it more snug by covering the space with blankets too.
  • If you have a sound machine / white noise machine, turn it on to try and drown out some of the noise – turning on the TV can help too.
  • Draw the blinds/curtains, as the lightning and firework flashes can be frightening too. Make sure doors and windows are also shut.

2. Try out a ThunderShirt

  • ThunderShirt provides gentle, calming pressure around your dog’s torso, helping to soothe their anxiety.
  • We’ve seen the ThunderShirt help 1M+ dogs worldwide.

3. Try to provide distractions

  • If you can distract your dog from the loud noises through a game, chews or some good old fashion quality time, it can help put your dog at ease. Your presence will be reassuring to your dog.

4. Draw the blinds

  • Most dogs are scared of the sudden loud noises of a storm, but others are scared of the lightning, rain and wind, so close the blinds to try and eliminate as many elements of the storm as possible.

5. Consult your Vet

  • If none of the above completely calms your dog and they still seem distressed during loud noises, contact your veterinarian for additional assistance.