• Magnetic Connection
  • Secure Steel Ball Latch
  • Release with One Hand
  • Tested to 500lbs
  • ThunderSnap Quick Connect Leash

    ThunderSnap Quick Connect Leash


The Thundersnap leash system is amazingly easy to use, but it's also unbelievably strong! I've been so impressed, I even showed my Vet. And it is great that I can buy extra caps for my multi-dog household!

Frankie E

As a senior citizen with arthritis, I loved how easy it is to use. Thanks ThunderWorks!

Mary P

If you are looking for a quality leash with an emphasis on “ease of use” then the ThunderSnap leash is for you. It makes hooking and unhooking your dog a very simple one-step process. And it comes from a company known for innovation and quality products. You will not be disappointed.

Scott B

ThunderSnap is wonderful. It is by far the easiest leash I have ever used. I like that I can attach the cap to the collar and leave it there. When we get ready for a walk I just have to get the leash end close to the cap and it automatically attaches. When we get back from our walk it is so simple to release. My girl loves going out and bounces around a lot when I go to attach the leash. I no longer have to hold her still to get a leash attached to her collar! I love it!!!

Billie S